2019 Endorsements 

Fort Worth Fire Fighters Association

Hon. Jeff Davis, Hon. Joel Burns & J.D. Angle, Hon. Ashley Paz, Jesse Stamper, Jared Sloane, Brian Jolin, Taunya Stevens Gates & Alicia Gates, Felipe Gutierrez, Richard Brooks, Kelly Smith & Holly Edwards, Rodney Wade & Jason Amon Leah Payne & Cassidy Dean, Breinn Richter, Graham Stadler, Joseph Romero, Mike Williams & Richard Michael, Lee Henderson, Tina Maness Toal, Sharon & Marcel Herrera, Daniella Judge, Katie Sherrod, Bernie Scheffler, Matthew Roberts, Carol & Fred Roberts,  Carol & Jerry Hendrix, Alisa Maples, Louise Appleman, Ernest Johnson, Cindy & John Belknap, and of course Jim Zadeh :)


         Past Endorsements 

         Quotes from 2019 Supporters 

  • “Ann Zadeh serves her district and the city of Fort Worth with honor and integrity.  She is accessible and encourages citizens to be engaged.   Having her serve District 9 means we have a highly engaged and invested representative!” Brian Jolin
  • “I wholeheartedly believe you are the best person to represent district 9 and while you brought great experience to the job from day one the resume you bring now is without peer. The last few years have seen you execute on  dozens of efforts important not just within district 9 but crucial to the longterm success of all of Fort Worth. It seems that when there is a city planning issue worth fighting for in this city you are the one taking those challenges on and delivering, thank you for bringing that vitality and progressive mindset to our council.” Jesse Stamper-Central City Advocate