Good afternoon,

First, I want to say “Thank you,” to Mayor Betsy Price for her service, her passion for Fort Worth, and her love of its citizens. Mayor Price, I am proud to have served with you and appreciate the sacrifices you have made for the City of Fort Worth and its bright future.

But Fort Worth’s future isn’t carved in stone. It is a future we must choose. We, the citizens of Fort Worth, must accept responsibility for creating the best city and community possible for all our citizens and ourselves, and we must put in the effort and work to make it a reality. To accomplish this, we will need to learn from our past, build on the things we do well, improve in the areas where we must, and listen to the richness and diversity of the hopes and dreams of our citizens.

I love Fort Worth and cherish the honor and privilege of representing District 9. I would be honored to serve as our next Mayor and I am prepared to do so. In these coming days, it’s crucial that I speak openly and clearly with our citizens from every part of the city about our future, our opportunities, and our challenges. As much as I love Fort Worth, I recognize that the city sometimes bears down on its citizens instead of lifting them up. But I absolutely believe together, we can build a strong, exciting, equitable future for all of us. Fort Worth should always be a city where everyone feels safe, everyone has opportunity, and everyone can prosper and succeed.

The hard work and challenges we frequently face in public service are significant, but they are far outweighed by the joy that service gives back to us. Listening to our neighbors from central, east, south, north and west Fort Worth, listening to our businesses- large, small, established and budding, and listening to the big dreams that all of our citizens have for themselves and their families will be central to my decision about a run for Mayor of Fort Worth. We must acknowledge and invest everywhere we can as a partner in creating, not just a world class city, but also world class schools that will shape our finest treasure, our children and draw the brightest from around the world to live, work, and play here in Fort Worth.

So today I share that I am prepared to be our Mayor and LISTEN TO YOU. I invite you to share with me what you need and want from the city you have so generously trusted. I invite you to share with me directly outside the whispers of politics, board rooms and pricey restaurants. I encourage all citizens to bring me your thoughts and concerns from our streets and doorsteps, on the job, in the cafes and I hope from your kitchen table. I want to hear from you. Getting out safely is tough these days but it will be possible again in our future. But for now, I would like you to go to annzadeh.com, text 817-924-3811 or go to my Facebook page (facebook.com/annzadehcampaign) and let me hear from you and ask me the tough questions.

Finally, I am so grateful for your counsel and most importantly the love and support of my wise husband and our two sons.

With gratitude,



Ann Zadeh believes the Mayor’s job is to run the City…
Not run for the next office.

The Mayor’s job is not politics. The Mayor's job is to ensure that the City of Fort Worth is run in the most efficient, effective, and professional manner possible. The job is to protect the residents and taxpayers of Fort Worth and make sure that every single person in Fort Worth has all the opportunities this city has to offer: a safe community; a clean city; housing they can afford; a job that affords them a fair and livable wage; a quality education for their children; and equal access to all that this city has to offer.

That’s why as mayor, Ann Zadeh’s platform includes all of the following:

TRANSPORTATION (New! Click here for full platform.)
Creating, supporting, and improving a multimodal transportation system is a top priority for Ann as Mayor of Fort Worth. This would include multiple actions aligned with the mission of the Tarrant Transit Alliance, including educating, empowering and mobilizing our community to promote transit. A multimodal system that offers options and choices for residents and visitors to the City is what we should provide as a world-class City.

The quality of life of every person in Fort Worth is directly tied to the availability of good paying, quality jobs. Ann will actively work to attract new businesses to Fort Worth, particularly “new economy,” good paying jobs. The kinds of jobs that allow workers to support a family, buy a home, and enjoy the quality of life that Fort Worth has to offer.

Over the last few years, the cost of housing in Fort Worth has gone through the roof. Whereas only a few years ago, quality first homes and desirable, convenient rental properties were largely affordable, today even modest housing can be priced out of reach of even two earner families. Ann Zadeh has fought for affordable housing options during her time on the council. As Mayor, she will be able to fight that much harder to ensure that there are affordable housing options available for all residents.

Recently, the Fort Worth City Council voted to disband the city’s long standing Ethics Commission. For years prior to disbanding the city’s ethics watchdog, the Council had effectively neutered it by refusing to appoint new commissioners to expired terms. Both of these were affronts to integrity in government. As Mayor I will not only reinstate the Ethics Commission and appoint new, independent citizen commissioners, but I would also support a thorough examination and strengthening of the city’s ethics rules.

This council will oversee redistricting of city council districts including the addition of two new districts. Traditionally, the drawing of district lines is a process greatly influenced by the sitting council members who are more interested in protecting their own interests than drawing fair, sensible lines. I have consistently supported the appointment of an independent Redistricting Committee. The drawing of district lines should not be gerrymandered to protect sitting council members. It’s bad enough that is how congressional and state legislative districts are drawn. We should NOT make the same mistakes locally.

The report of the recent Race and Culture Task Force recommended the formation of a citizens police review board. There is no reason the actions of the police should be above review by the residents of Fort Worth… the people the police are there to protect and to serve. It is a perfectly reasonable and common practice and is done in virtually every major city in America. There is no reason we cannot do the same.

I hope to discuss these and many other issues in the course of this campaign. Only with your support can we make these and other positive changes to help make Fort Worth the city we all want and deserve.



I have had several occasions over the years where I've needed help regarding the bus system or sidewalk conditions. Every time I reached out to Ann’s office, I was responded to quickly and given the assistance that I needed. Also, Ann is a champion for small businesses all over Fort Worth and her support is appreciated.

—Danette Wicker, Small Business Owner, Danette's Urban Oasis

I see Ann out constantly in the community, working hard for all of the people of Fort Worth. She is a passionate leader with a servant's heart, and I think she is the right choice and the right voice for Fort Worth now. It's an honor to call her a friend.

—Elizabeth Wills, Singer-Songwriter, https://www.elizabethwills.com/bio

Ann has been so supportive of my work as an artist and activist. Ann shows up! She prioritizes the arts and has my full support!

—Adam McKinney, Dancer, Choreographer, Local Activist, Co-Founder - DNAWorks

Ann is the epitome of quiet giant and precisely who the city needs at a time such as this. She a leader who pulls and never pushes.

—Abraham Alexander, Local Musician, abrahamalexander.com

  I’ve lived in Fort Worth for 31 years. In all those years, I’ve never met anyone in city government who was more responsive to and engaged with her constituents than Ann Zadeh. She was immensely helpful to our neighborhood when we worked to form a new neighborhood association. She shows up for every meeting and event. She listens to us and helps us with our concerns. She sets a good example as a leader who is thoughtful and even-tempered. She supports and promotes our local businesses. She encourages wise and equitable use of our tax dollars. She’s nothing less than a pleasure to work with. In short, I’m proud to call her the next Mayor of the City of Fort Worth!  

—Phillip Breedlove, Las Familias de Rosemont Neighborhood Association

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